Information for student nurses

Nursing students

Student guide

The Council is developing a guide for students who undertake nursing programmes that lead to registration as either an enrolled nurse or a registered nurse. This guide will contain a wide range of information about the role of the Council, the qualifications you need to become a nurse, the State Final Examination and a range of frequently asked questions.

When the guide is completed, it will be available in the right hand downloads box on this page.

Sample examinations

In response to feedback and requests for information from students and educators, the Nursing Council is providing an example of the State Final Examination. This is an opportunity to become familiar with the layout of the examination and the style and format of the questions.

This sample examination includes eight questions. The answers are not provided, so that students can discuss and research possible answers with others and with their teachers. These are questions are examples only and will not be used in the examination.

You can access the sample examination and information sheets about the State Final Examination from the right hand downloads box on this page.

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