New data tool Nursing Council Atlas

01 November 2016

New data tool Nursing Council Atlas

As part of their renewal for annual practising certificate nurses contribute to the Nursing Council of New Zealand’s workforce data resource. The Council has recently developed a tool to present this nursing workforce data in an interactive and easily accessible way. The Atlas allows nurses, employers, workforce planners, educators and the public to access and view nursing workforce data directly. Visitors can navigate data using the following indicators:

  • Nurse demographics;
    • Number of nurses
    • Number of nurses by gender
    • Number of nurses by age
  • Nurses by Age and Gender
  • Hours worked weekly
  • Main employment
  • Main practice
  • Status (Scope of practice, registered nurse etc)
  • Qualification received
  • Country of nursing qualification received
  • Ethnicity

Data is available for both the years ending 2015 and 2016. In addition it is intended to offer further years end data as they become available.

The Atlas can be found here

A written navigational guide has also been developed

User guide to using Nursing Council Atlas (PDF, 163 KB)

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