November 2016 State Final Examination Results

16 December 2016

An unofficial list containing the candidate numbers of those applicants who have passed the November 2016 Nursing Council State Final Examinations is available. Results are not available over the phone.

November 2016 results (PDF, 188 KB)

Notice to successful November 2016 State Final Examination Candidates
The Nursing Council of New Zealand will be sending an email to all successful State Final Examination Candidates who have met all registration requirements on the afternoon of Friday 16 December 2016 with details of how to complete their online application for an Annual Practising Certificate (APC). Please note you will also receive an official Nursing Council Registration Certificate in the post.

Please note that applying online for an APC is the only option available to successful Examination Candidates from the November 2016 State Final Examination.

Notice to unsuccessful November 2016 State Final Examination Candidates

Candidate numbers of unsuccessful candidates will not be displayed.

The Nursing Council will send an email to all unsuccessful State Final Examination Candidates on the afternoon of Friday 16 December 2016. The Nursing Council will also send out a result pack in the post from Friday 16 December 2016 to those who were unsuccessful in the Examination. These packs will also contain information on resit requirements/processes if applicable.

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