Nurse prescribers: information for pharmacists

With registered nurses now able to prescribe for common and long-term conditions, community pharmacists will now be receiving prescriptions written by nurses.

All nurses writing prescriptions will have completed a post-graduate diploma in prescribing or an equivalent qualification and will have been authorised by the Nursing Council to prescribe.

If pharmacists have any doubts about the prescription there are two quick checks they may want to make.

1. Is this person entitled to prescribe?

Registered Nurses who prescribe have to be authorised by the Nursing Council. Check the Register of Nurses

Advice on using the register can be found here

Guidance searching the register of nurses for authorisations to prescribe (PDF, 111 KB)

2. Is the person legally able to prescribe the medicine on the script?

Registered Nurses are able to prescribe from a specified list of medicines. Check the list of medicines

Medicines for registered nurse prescribing in primary health and specialty teams (PDF, 115 KB)

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