Preparing to prescribe: information for employers

Nurse prescribing will take place in connection with an organisation with clinical governance structures such as a District Health Board or a Primary Health Organisation. These organisations are responsible for providing support through nominating a senior clinician who co-ordinates the introduction of registered nurse prescribing and provides links to committees that oversee quality and risk and medicines review.

Employer and clinical team support is essential to make nurse prescribing work effectively. Nurses need to work in a position that actively supports their prescribing and where authorised prescriber mentors (vocationally registered doctors or nurse practitioners) are available for consultation and advice about prescribing decisions, if the patient’s presenting health concerns are more complex than the nurse can safely manage independently. Employers and senior clinical need to ensure this support is available. 

Prescribing nurses should also have sufficient time and resources allocated to allow effective assessment, diagnosis and consultation with patients to ensure safe and appropriate prescribing decisions.

The Nursing Council has developed guidelines to inform registered nurses and employers on the preparation and ongoing requirements for nurses who are designated prescribers. This sets out the clinical governance and support that needs to be in place for registered nurse prescribing.

For more information see:

Preparing to prescribe in primary health and specialty teams Guidance for RNs and employers August 2016 (PDF, 412 KB)

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