Analysis of submissions - Consultation on Shared Service Organisation

05 November 2013

Analysis of submissions - Consultation on Shared Service Organisation

The Council consulted on the proposal to form a Shared Service Organisation with 16 other Health Regulatory Authorities in August and September. 

A copy of the analysis of submissions can be found here: 

SSO Consultation Analysis for website October 2013 (PDF, 337 KB)

Nearly all submitters (98%) agreed with the Council remaining a stand alone entity and concerns were expressed about nursing cross subsidising the costs of other professions’ regulation or the sharing of functions potentially impacting on the Council’s efficiency and responsiveness.

The Council also consulted on combining its back office functions with all other Regulatory Authorities (RAs) as stage one of developing a Shared Secretariat Organisation. This option was not supported by 95% of the 185 submitters. Some thought it was a good option for smaller RAs but that it could lead to inefficiencies for the Council and increased costs for nurses.

At its October meeting the Council decided to continue to function as a separate responsible authority. In line with the feedback from consultation the Nursing Council will remain as a separate entity but will be open to opportunities to work collaboratively with other Regulatory Authorities.

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