Code and professional boundaries: youth consultation report

11 January 2013

A new report providing valuable insight into the views of young people about what matters to them when receiving nursing care has been released by the Nursing Council and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner. 

In developing the new Code of Conduct and Guidelines: Professional Boundaries, the Council sought to consult widely and enlisted the assistance of the Office of the Children’s Commissioner to reach young people. Focus groups were held with a diverse range of young people aged 14 – 18, some of whom had considerable experience of nursing services. 

One of the key findings of the consultation was the importance of the role nurses play in young people’s positive experience of health care. 

The young people spoke about the need for respect, about being informed about their health needs and their information being kept confidential when receiving health care from nurses. 

They would like nurses to build relationships with them to get the best health outcomes for young people. They want to be consulted and included in all decisions to do with their health needs. 

Young people stressed how important it is that the information they receive is clear, easy to understand, non-judgemental and has a good dosage of patience and warmth.

A consultation with Young People on the Nursing Council of New Zealand’s Code of Conduct (PDF, 311 KB)

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