Consultation on the proposals to combine Health Regulatory Authorities

14 August 2013

The Nursing Council has been asked to join a Single Shared Services Organisation that includes all regulatory functions or to form a shared business unit for all Health Regulatory Authorities as a first step to a shared Service Organisation.

The Council is consulting nurses, primarily through nursing organisations, and employers on the proposal to ascertain the views of those who pay fees to cover the costs of regulation.

We request your feedback on this consultation document by Friday 27 September 2013.  A feedback form can be returned to


Carolyn Reed
Chief Executive/Registrar


Relevant SSO Consultation documents

SSO Consultation 14Aug13 (PDF, 482 KB)

SSO model proposal (PDF, 916 KB)

UK Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (PDF, 427 KB)

KPMG Consulting (PDF, 270 KB)

SSO Consultation Feedback form 14Aug13 (Word 2007, 28 KB)

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