Your registration process

Before you can begin your application for registration to the Nursing Council, you will need to have your identity and documents checked and verified by an external company, CGFNS.

It is only after CGFNS has verified your documents that you will be invited to begin your registration application to the Council.

These are the steps to take:

1. Verify documents

Apply to CGFNS for verification and authentication of documents, including your:

  • identity
  • current registration
  • nursing qualification
  • evidence of English language proficiency
  • post-registration nursing experience
1a. Approve CGFNS sending report to the Nursing Council

When CGFNS have verified your documents, they will send you a copy of their report. After you approve their report, they will forward it to the Nursing Council. 

2. Apply for registration to the Nursing Council

Once the Nursing Council receives the CGFNS report, you will receive an email from the Council inviting you to apply for registration. Once you have applied to the Nursing Council, your application will be assessed against the our requirements

I have read the above information and wish to start my application with CGFNS:

Start my CGFNS application