Internationally Qualified Nurses with other registration (non-Australian)

New Application

BEFORE starting your application, please read the information in the links below:

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Registration Process

Registration is a 3-step process:

You must submit your documents and credentials to CGFNS in order to complete the CGFNS credentials verification process and receive their report.

Click here for details of documentation required.

Once you have received your report, you need to request CGFNS to send it to the Nursing Council. It will take up to three working days to receive your report.

You will then receive an email inviting you to complete the application process for registration.

The Nursing Council will assess your application against the seven registration standards and make a decision regarding your registration. You will be asked to make a declaration for fitness for registration and to complete a criminal history check.

You may be required to complete a Competence Assessment Programme (CAP) prior to registration.

Once you are registered, you will be asked to apply for an Annual Practising Certificate. This entitles you to practise as a nurse in New Zealand. For further information, please click here.