Nursing Council implements IQN competence assessment changes

The Nursing Council is opening its new competence assessment process for internationally qualified nurses (IQNs) as planned, from today (04 December 2023).

Those nurses applying to be registered in New Zealand will now be assessed through this process.

The Council will require some applicants to undertake a competence assessment, including an online theoretical examination and a clinical examination.

Those nurses who applied to the Council prior to 04 December 2023 will continue with their competence assessment programmes (CAPs).

As outlined previously, the Council is planning for an 18-month transition period (2024-midway 2025) where both the existing competence assessment programmes (CAPs) and the new competence examination process will be in place.

This new system is being rolled out first for Registered Nurses with a pathway being developed for Enrolled Nurses.

You can find more information on the Registration for International Nurses website page.