Te Tiriti o Waitangi

The Nursing Council is committed to ensuring Te Tiriti o Waitangi is instilled into the values of our organisation and is fundamental to the way in which the Council undertakes its statutory roles.

As a regulatory authority, independent from the Crown, we have a responsibility to work with iwi and Māori to give effect to and realise the promise of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Achieving this will require time, flexibility and the ability to self-reflect, at both Governing Board level and internally as an organisation. With a specific focus on the nursing profession, our success as a Council will be shaped by our ability and capacity to form a range of relationships with iwi and Māori.

Through convention, the Articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi have been interpreted and expressed through a set of principles. Importantly, the principles that we consider relevant to our work are premised on the most recent Waitangi Tribunal Claim – Wai 2575: the Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry.

We consider that this enhanced set of principles provide deeper clarity and guidance.

Self-Determination / Tino Rangatiratanga: The principle of self-determination – this provides for Māori self-determination and mana motuhake. This requires the Council to work with partners in the design, delivery and monitoring of our relevant statutory work.

Partnership / Pātuitanga
: The principle of partnership – requires the Council and iwi/Māori to work with each other in a strong and enduring relationship.

Equity / Mana Taurite
: The principle of equity – this requires the Council to commit to achieving equitable health outcomes for Māori through the functions that it is responsible for.

Active Protection / Whakamarumarutia
: The principle of active protection – this requires the Council to be well informed on the extent, and nature, of both Māori health outcomes and efforts to achieve Māori health equity through culturally safe nursing standards and the practice of cultural safety.

Options / Kōwhiringa
: The principle of options – this requires the Council to ensure that all of its services are provided in a culturally appropriate way that recognises and supports the expression of te ao Māori models of care and nursing.


Ō mātau uara
Our values

Ka whakahōnore mātou i tō mātou whakahoatanga Tiriti
– We honour our Tiriti partnership.

Mahi ngātahi ā mana
 We work collaboratively and with integrity by respecting each other and the nursing profession.

Whai haepapa, whai tika
 We are an accountable, effective and efficient Nursing Council.

Arataki, ako, whakapai ake
 We lead, learn and improve at all levels of the Nursing Council.

Wairua tōkeke hauora
 We set standards and codes of practice including cultural safety expectations that contribute to improved health equity for Māori.