Consultation on the Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice - October 2012

At the time of the consultation the Medicines Amendment Bill was being considered by Parliament. One of the changes proposed by the Bill was that nurse practitioners become authorised prescribers. The Nursing Council of New Zealand (the Council) proposed changes to the scope of practice and prescribed qualifications for nurse practitioners so that these aligned with the proposals under the Medicines Amendment Bill.

This consultation was limited to this aspect of the scope of practice for nurse practitioners.

Consultation on the Scope of Practice Nurse Practitioners (PDF, 291 KB)

Analysis of submissions

At the time of consultation nurse practitioners could be registered without prescribing rights. Under the proposed changes to the Medicines Act 1981 nurse practitioners with prescribing rights would become authorised prescribers. There was strong support for the Council’s proposals and from June 2014, the Council ceased to register nurse practitioners without prescribing rights.

The Council changed the nurse practitioner scope of practice and qualifications when the Medicines Amendment Act was passed in 2014

( Gazette, Notice of Replacement and Revocation of Notices of Nurse Practitioners_3141 ).

Nurse practitioners who were already registered without prescribing rights have a condition included in their scope of practice indicating that they may not prescribe.

More information can be found in the analysis document:

Analysis of submissions NP scope of practice February 2013 (PDF, 360 KB)