Ngā Utu

Please note: all fees are non-refundable.

Annual practising certificates (including the disciplinary levy)

Service Fee payable
12 months (includes $25.00 Disciplinary Levy) $110.00
3 months (includes $6.25 Disciplinary Levy) $27.50
6 months (includes $12.50 Disciplinary Levy) $55.00
9 months (includes $18.75 Disciplinary Levy) $82.50

Please note the standard APC fee payable on application is for the 12 month period. Only the Council may allocate applications for periods less than 12 months.

Registration fees (for applicants qualified in New Zealand)

Service Fee payable
Registration as registered nurse or enrolled nurse $75.00
Application for registration as nurse practitioner $1,500.00
Nurse practitioner prescribing authorisation $1,000.00
Restoration of name to the Register following removal under Part 4 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 or Part IV of the Nurses Act 1977 $3,000.00
Additions to Register (including authorisations) $70.00
Application for change of condition in scope of practice $200.00

Registration fees (for applicants qualified internationally)

Service Fee payable
Application and processing fee for application for registration $485.00
Application and processing fee for application for registration (under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997) $340.00

Provision of information on national Register of Nurses

Service Fee payable
Inspection of the Register (search fee) $70.00
Replacement registration practising certificate $70.00
Verification of education programme $70.00
Verification of New Zealand registration $70.00

Other fees (registration)

Service Fee payable
Medal replacement - registered nurse $70.00
Medal replacement - enrolled nurse $70.00
Medal new graduate - registered nurse $26.00
Medal new graduate - enrolled nurse $17.00
Medal bar only $10.00

Examination fees

Service Fee payable
Registered nurse and enrolled nurse (includes New Zealand registration fee) $240.00
Mental health $51.00
Fees for late transcripts $102.00
Analysis of failed examination $79.00
Extension of time $10.00

Fees for education programmes

Service Fee payable
Accreditation or monitoring audit of nurse entry to practice programme $2,780.00
Accreditation or monitoring audit of post-graduate nursing programme $13,900.00
Accreditation or monitoring audit of programme leading to registration as a registered nurse $13,900.00
Accreditation or monitoring audit of enrolled nurse programme $8,700.00
Accreditation or monitoring audit of competence assessment programme $3,000.00


The Council may prescribe the fees payable in respect of services it provides. The Council reviews its fees regularly to ensure equitable funding of those services.

Gazette Notice Corrigendum Nurses (Fees) Notice August 2019