Registered nurses who are practising within the specific area of sexual and reproductive health may apply to the Nursing Council of authorisation to supply the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP).

Registered nurses approved to supply the ECP will have this authorisation included in the public information in the public register.


Registered nurses must meet the following criteria to apply for authorisation to supply ECP:

  • A current annual practising certificate.
  • Evidence that the applicant has completed an approved training course with at least three hours covering the ECP completed within the last five years.
  • Twelve months or more experience in a relevant area of practice. Nurses employed by the Family Planning Association may apply before 12 months and provide an attestation by a senior colleague that they have competently managed, documented and logged 20 ECP consultations.

Application process

Application can only be completed via MyNC. From your 'details' page 'Apply for RN prescribing' then 'ECP authorisation'.

There is a non-refundable $70 application fee that must accompany your application.

You will prompted to upload in PDF form:

  • A current CV detailing your work history
  • Evidence of your successful completion of an approved emergency contraceptive training course
  • A letter from your employer if you have employed by Family Planning Association for less than 12 months.
You will need to indicate a day time contact phone number, your current employers; contact name and their phone number.


Registered nurses authorised to supply the ECP must provide evidence every five years that they remain competent to do so.

This evidence must include:
  • An attestation from a nursing or medical colleague (who holds a current practising certificate and practises within a Family Planning Clinic) that the nurse maintains current best practice in the provisions of ECP and has completed a minimum of 20 ECP consultations in the previous year.
  • Alternatively the nurse can provide evidence of attending an approved ECP update within the five years.