Registered nurse prescribing in diabetes health

Registered nurse prescribing in diabetes health

Registered nurses are authorised by the Council to prescribe in diabetes health under the Medicines (Designated Prescriber: Registered nurses) Regulation 2016. The previous regulation for registered nurse prescribing in diabetes health has been revoked and the pathway to this prescribing authority was closed in 2017.  

Registered nurses prescribing in diabetes health are designated prescribers with a condition in their scope of practice. The condition states “may only prescribe in diabetes health under supervision of a medical practitioner”. They may prescribe in diabetes health from the medicines list for registered nurses practising in primary health and specialty teams 2016.

The prescription medicines they may prescribe are listed in section 7 under diabetes and in section 5 under cardiovascular: specifically, ACE inhibitors with diuretics, angiotensin II antagonists, calcium channel blockers, diuretics and lipid modifying agents. They may also prescribe vitamins and minerals identified on the medicines list.

All designated prescribers complete an annual recertification and for diabetes nurse prescribers this includes:
  • confirmation of ongoing prescribing competence and 40 days of prescribing practice (a letter from prescribing supervisor)
  • 20 hours of professional development related to prescribing of the 60 hours required three yearly.

Please contact the Nursing Council for further clarification if required.