Verifications or letters of good standing


Verification (letter of good standing) is a process which involves sharing information between regulatory authorities regarding nurses’ professional standing.

Professional standing comments on when you registered, the initial qualification leading to registration, the date achieved, current Annual Practising Certificate(APC), any conditions on APC, whether there are fitness to practise issues e.g. competence, health, conduct.

There are two instances where a nurse would require verification and the respective application process for each differs.

1) Nurses registered with the Council who wish to register or practise overseas:

  • Initially the applicant should enquire from the overseas regulatory body that they have an official verification form that needs to be completed. This form should then be sent to the Council for completion.
  • The applicant should send the Council the appropriate details in terms of relevant regulatory body and name of officer where the verification should be sent to.
  • There is a fee of $70 for the verification process which can be paid by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), New Zealand cheque or money order.
  • The letter of good standing is not returned to the applicant (nurse) but instead sent directly to the requesting regulatory body.

In certain circumstances regulatory bodies will accept an emailed copy of verifications in the interim whilst waiting for the original document to arrive via post. It is the responsibility of the applicant to enquire with the regulatory body concerning this.

2) New Zealand Registered nurses who are presently working overseas and require a current NCNZ Annual Practising Certificate (APC):

  • The nurse completes an application for an APC.
  • This application will be processed and an interim APC will be granted until the letter of good standing is received by the Council.
  • The applicant requests verification from the overseas regulatory body that they are registered with, including those nurses currently registered with AHPRA.
  • In all instances this letter of good standing should be sent directly from the regulatory body to the Council.

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