Consultation Documents

Consultation on the application fee for nurses from overseas

Posted on 3/06/2019
Consultation on this proposal closed on Thursday 4 July 2019.

Consultation on the nurse practitioner scope of practice 2014 - 2016

Posted on 12/04/2019
Consultations on nurse practitioner scope of practice 2014-2016.

Consultation on the Specialist Ophthalmology Schedule of Medicines

Posted on 6/01/2019
In 2014 the Nursing Council made an application to the Ministry of Health for designated prescribing rights for registered nurses practising in primary health and specialty teams.

Consultation on Accreditation and Monitoring 2017

Posted on 5/01/2019
The Nursing Council reviewed how it accredits and monitors postgraduate nursing education programmes.

Nursing health and fitness to practice

Posted on 1/01/2019
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Consultation on registered nurse prescribing

Posted on 27/02/2013
The Nursing Council consulted on two proposals to extend registered nurse prescribing in 2013.

Consultation on the Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice - October 2012

Posted on 1/10/2012
At the time of the consultation the Medicines Amendment Bill was being considered by Parliament. One of the changes proposed by the Bill was that nurse practitioners become authorised prescribers.