Me aha ngā kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi?
What must employers do?

The Council, as the authority that sets the standards for nursing, works with nurses to ensure they are competent and fit to practise nursing in New Zealand. Employers also contribute to public safety by ensuring the nurses they employ meet the standards for nursing practice.

All employers of nurses are required to ensure that their nurses hold a current annual practising certificate. The Council offers an online Search the register function for both employers and nurses to check that a nurse's annual practising certificate is current. If a nurse's name does not appear on the online register, an employer should immediately contact the Council.

Employers must contact the Council when dismissing a nurse from employment for competence-related reasons, and when a nurse resigns because of competence-related reasons.

If an employer of a nurse has reason to believe the nurse may be unable to perform the functions of nursing because of a mental or physical condition (including an impairment caused by alcohol or drug abuse) they must promptly contact the Council with written notice of all the circumstances.  Further information for employers can be found in  the Downloads on this page.

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